Greetings from Palestine

Greetings from Palestine chronicles a Palestinian community as it tries to maintain normalcy under the rigors military occupation. It is a followup feature to The Childreen of Ibdaa: To Create Something Out of Nothing.

Currently in Post Production.


Read Smith's Journal written under curfew in Dheisheh refugee camp during the filming of Greetings from Palestine.


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Greetings From Palestine rejoins the adolescents featured in The Children of Ibdaa: To Create Something Out of Nothing, two years after the first film was shot, now embroiled in the current 'intifada' (uprising). It chronicles a rigorous period of curfew and observes the struggle to maintain domestic normality under the hardships of military occupation.

The film reveals human elements of the Palestinian people and celebrates the enduring traits of Palestinian culture. 15-year old Keyan Al-Seifi and her extended family provide insight into domestic life in a refugee camp and the day-to-day challenges of life in a war zone.

The affects of the conflict are seen through the eyes of young children, teenagers, and young and old adults. The family and community members share insights into their economic struggles, domestic tensions, educational set backs, routine and disruption, dreams and fears. Greetings reveals the drive for freedom amidst the despair of captivity, hope and hopelessness, and the strengths and challenges of family dynamics and bonding while in a precarious space between life and death.

Amidst the seemingly surreal and violent circumstances, Keyan's family gathers nightly on a shared courtyard with her extended family. Here the true spirit of the Palestinian people is able to flourish. The family enjoys meals and conversations and finds reason to laugh. Friends stop by and community is regained.

Greetings From Palestine also revisits the members of the Ibdaa dance troupe featured in The Children of Ibdaa: To Create Something Out of Nothing, who reveal their feelings and observations about growing up under occupation.

It is intended that audiences will have a deeper understanding of the affects of the occupation on the civilian refugee population.