Greetings from Palestine
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Dheisheh Journal

Dheisheh, West Bank, S. Smith Patrick

One of sixty refugee camps throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Dheisheh has a population of over 12,000 residents encompassing three generations of Palestinian refugees. The camp is one square kilometer of concrete structures ranging from the original UN homes built in the early 1950s, barely 9 x 9 meters, to the three story apartments built over time. The main entrance to the camp is wide enough for only one car and it splits off in two directions. The walking paths are narrow and maze-like. There are a few junctions in which kids have room to kick semi-deflated soccer balls.

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Dheisheh Under Fire, S. Smith Patrick

At 4 A.M. I was woken by the sound of many, many tanks driving by.

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A Bullet Between Small Bones, S. Smith Patrick

I am so different than I was this morning.

The curfew lifted for the second day in a row from 9 AM to 3 PM. Such is the state of oppression that to be permitted outdoors within a few square kilometers during daylight feels like freedom.