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Return to Dakto contemporary on-location, ‘run and gun’ mini digital video footage dovetails with imagery from rare archival footage like memory – unpredictable, hazy, fleeting, starkly beautiful, violent, brilliant. As the veterans drive closer to Dak To, these archival images will punctuate the documentary with ever-increasing power and frequency and thoughtfulness, mirroring the veteran’s recurring confrontations with memory and their participation in war.

James LeBrecht’s sound design will reflect and explore multifaceted dimensions of reality – present, past, and personal past - broken and enhanced by powerful memory. Sound hauntings from the past will subtly intrude and expand into the veterans’ road trip, invoking the lush aural tapestries of war.

Italian composer Luciano Chessa is fashioning RETURN TO DAK TO’s score to complement these physical and interior journeys of exploration of war. – improvising cello, Vietnamese dan bau, hip hop and classical piano pieces juxtaposed with melodic lines derived from American Civil War era music played in three contrasting, yet complementing styles – plaintive folk guitar and piano, dirge and Hendrix-style guitar riffs approaching the abstract.