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Bill Christie served as an engineering sergeant and was wounded at Dak To. Trained as a civil engineer, Mr. Christie ran his own large plumbing company in Tipp City, Ohio. He is divorced and has one daughter and two grandchildren.

John ‘Duffy” Dubendorf served as a Maintenance Lieutenant in the 299th. Mr. Dubendorf is a CEO of an agricultural company in Exeter, California. He is married and has two daughters.

Colonel Newman Howard (Ret) was commander of the 299th at Dak To and the most decorated engineer officer to serve in Vietnam. After retiring from the US Army, Mr. Howard had a second international career as an executive for defense firms. Mr. Howard lives with his wife in Virginia and has two daughters and grandchildren.

John Marcoulier served the 299th as a communications specialist. A passionate motorcyclist, Mr. Marcoulier works as a nurse and a massage-therapist in Grant’s Pass, Oregon with his wife, daughter and son.

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