The Children of Ibdaa:
To Create Something Out of Nothing
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  The Ibdaa Center and the Ibdaa Dance Troupe

Ibdaa, which translates from Arabic as ‘to create something out of nothing’, is a grassroots initiative of Dheisheh Refugee Camp. Founded in 1995, Ibdaa serves over 1500 children and young people annually through various programs, while providing job opportunities to over 60 families in the camp. Ibdaa’s mission is to provide an environment for the camp’s children and young people to develop their ability, creativity and leadership skills through social, cultural and educational activities that are not readily available in the refugee camp. Ibdaa strives to empower the children and instill in them confidence and strength to face their difficult future, while educating the international community on the Palestinian refugee issue. Ibdaa’s program includes a nursery, kindergarten, children’s library, computer and Internet centers, restaurant, multipurpose hall, sports programs, community mural, women’s cooperative, music courses, guesthouse, income generation projects, and scholarships.

IBDAA’s youth dance troupe is made up of 18 young men and women, aged 15 - 18. Their performance tells the history, struggle and aspirations of Palestinian refugees by intertwining debkeh, traditional Palestinian dance with theatrical choreography.

Since its founding in 1994, Ibdaa has performed throughout Europe and the Arab world. The Ibdaa Troupe visited the United States in 1999, and will return in July 2003.

To find the Ibdaa tour stop closest to you, please see The Ibdaa Dance Tour Schedule.