The Children of Ibdaa:
To Create Something Out of Nothing
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Educational Outreach

The Children of Ibdaa: To Create Something Out of Nothing has played at Junior High and High Schools, in addition to Universities and community organizations.

Here are some responses from San Francisco Bay Area Junior High School students:

"On T.V., I see that the Arabs are the bad guys. Now I know that the're kids just like us."
6th grade student. Ecole de Langue, Berkeley

"….I remember the trip the kids took to their homeland to see what was left of it. It shocked me to see the kids so concerned about where they came from. They were so emotional. It surprised me that many of the people there can't even go back to their homelands and these kids got to see (their villages)…" Linda Tsang

"I've always thought everyone who lives in the Middle East has it better than that."

"When you came to show the video, it made a difference. It made me think about these things- no freedom, the blackouts and not having enough to eat." -Jason Cheang

"The film you made really showed me a lot of things I didn't know. Everyone always shows how the Israeli people are doing the right thing, but never show how the people on the other side feel. …Now I see what a big conflict there is over there."
Sergey Khalikulove

"We got to see how the Palestinian people live in their camps…It also showed us how they can't go back to their original homeland. I learned how lucky we are to live in America, to go as we please and to do as we please." Lily Liu

"Sometimes I think my life is very hard. Now I know how lucky I am. I saw this film and it change me and my perspective on the world." Victor Dure

"Just watching this film makes me wonder more about the world and how much of the world I don't know about." Student from A.P. Giannini Middle School