Seeing Siem Reap
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What happened to the kids chronicled in Seeing Siem Reap?

In the year after the Seeing Siem Reap was shot Rett was coaxed into working for a 'karaoke bar,' likely a euphemistic name for a brothel. She stopped to look for gainful employment and got married.

Vah went to study in a monastery on the Cambodia-Thailand border, but quit to do hard labor. He returned to Siem Reap and was offered employment by an organization working with local kids and international volunteers. Vah was caught stealing $300 from one of the volunteers and went to jail.

Rom struggled to find work and was jailed for a year for stealing $5.

Discouraged by the prospects in Siem Reap, Go went to Cambodia's capital, Phnom Phen, to sell wares to tourists.

Rett, Vah, Rom and Go are just four among legions of unemployed Cambodians struggling for subsistence.

The younger kids were welcomed into The Green Gecko Project and

The Angkor Photo Festival founded Anjali House.

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